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    YDS YDS Gramer Test YDS Gramer Testi YDS Gramer Testleri YDS Gramer Test Çöz YDS Gramer Test Soru Cevapları

    1. The tablets ___ taste awful.
    A) in which the doctor gave me
    B) that gave me
    C) whom the doctor gave me
    D) which the doctor gave me
    E) whose the doctor gave me

    2. The man ___ is a author.
    A) whom has the beard
    B) whose beard
    C) that with the beard
    D) who with the beard
    E) with the beard
    3. The children ___ are watching the pageant.
    A) stand on the corner
    B) who standing on the corner
    C) standing on the corner
    D) stood on the corner
    E) whom are standing on the corner

    4. The lady ___ is going to the station.
    A) is waiting for a taxi
    B) waiting for a taxi
    C) whom she is waiting for a taxi
    D) waited for a taxi
    E) whose taxi is waited for

    5. The beast ___ is a raccoon.
    A) is climbing a tree
    B) that it is climbing a tree
    C) climbed a tree
    D) climbing a tree
    E) who it is climbing a tree

    6. The surgeon ___ is well-known.
    A) from the Canada
    B) that he is from Canada
    C) from Canada
    D) whom from Canada
    E) by Canada

    7. The assistant ___ will help you.
    A) by the door
    B) whom she is by the door
    C) that she is by the door
    D) above the door
    E) that she is above the door

    8. The individual ___ is my mother.
    A) who I feel closet to
    B) whose I feel closet to
    C) whom I feel closest to
    D) that I feel closest to her
    E) I feel closest to

    9. I am dreaming of the moment ___.
    A) why people can live peacefully together
    B) that people can live peacefully together in
    C) people can live peacefully together in that time
    D) when people can live together peacefully
    E) in which people can live peacefully together

    10.1 know the date _____.
    A) when he was born
    B) which he was born
    C) he was born on that day
    D) when he was born in
    E) that he was born

    11.I have been to the city ___.
    A) on where Pedro comes
    B) that Pedro comes
    C) where Pedro comes
    D) Pedro comes from there
    E) which Pedro comes from

    12. Do you know the time ___?
    A) why Mr. Jones will return
    B) which Mr. Jones will return
    C) that Mr. Jones will return
    D) Mr. Jones will return on that date
    E) when Mr. Jones will return

    13. Abstract art/___, is concerned with artistic form rather than with
    graphic representation.
    A) whom many people do not understand
    B) which many people doesn't understand
    C) of which many people do not understand
    D) many of whom do not understand
    E) which many people do not understand

    14. The rains ___ arrived very late because of the dearth.
    A) the farmers were expecting ,
    B) which the farmers expecting
    C) the farmers are expecting
    D) which the farmers were expecting
    E) the farmers expects

    15. The tree ___ are almost naked now is very old.
    A) the branches which
    B) whose branch
    C) of the branches which
    D) the branches of which
    E) of which the branches

    16. The lady ___ the dishes is our new cook.
    A) washed
    B) washing
    C) who washing
    D) who is washed
    E) that washing

    17. The automobile ___ was continually being stopped by the cheering crowds.
    A) in which The President was riding
    B) which The President was riding in
    C) in that The President was riding
    D) where The President was riding in
    E) that The President was riding

    18. The principle ___ is not a very tenable one.
    A) which he based his arguments on
    B) on that he based his arguments
    C) that he based his arguments
    D) on which he based his arguments
    E) which he based his arguments

    19. Anyone ___ in an unfamiliar land should make sure that he has the proper
    A) travels
    B) travelled
    C) that travelling
    D) which travels

    20. The man ___ the street is an old friend of my father's.
    A) crossed
    B) is crossing
    C) who crossing
    D) crossing j
    E) will cross

    21. inhabitants ___ this law will be punished.
    A) violate
    B) violated
    C) who violating
    D) violating
    E) who is violated

    22. Anyone ____ the state legally will be immediately deported to the
    country he came from.
    A) not entered
    B) not entering
    C) who is not entered
    D) who not entering

    23. We need a room ____ one hundred people.
    A) who seats
    B) which seating
    C) which can seat
    D) whose seats
    E) seats

    24. All passengers ___ to Rockawayhome must change trains at the next stop
    A) who's going
    B) whose are going
    C) that going
    D) whom went
    E) who are going

    25. The jewelers ___ from our neighbour's house was found by the police force.
    A) that are stolen
    B) which are stolen
    C) which were stolen
    D) stolen
    E) which stolen


    TEST 1 D 2 E 3 C 4 B 5 D 6 C 7 A 8 E 9 D 10 A 11 A 12 E 13 E 14 D 15 D 16 B 17 A 18 D 19 E 20 D 21 D 22 B 23 C 24 E 25 D

    Eğer bir gün
    dünyaya ait çok büyük bir derdin olursa,
    Rabb'ine dönüp "benim büyük bir derdim var" deme!

    Derdine dönüp "BENİM ÇOK BÜYÜK BİR RABB'İM VAR!" de!

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